Atlanta Falcons Beat The Denver Broncos

The Atlanta Falcons beat the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos tonight at the Georgia Dome 27-21. This really was a game of two halves as the Falcons intercepted Peyton Manning 3 times in the first half and forced a fumble. It was clear early on the the Falcons defense was up for the task of Peyton and his young wide receivers.

The secondary coverage was just too good tonight, Peyton had no where to throw the ball especially deep. Asante Samuel explains the coverage in this post game locker room interview.

For the first half Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning both had the same amount of passes and completions but Peyton had three interceptions and it was just too much to come back from that. The Falcons defense was in a constant motion disguising what coverage the Broncos were seeing. They were blitzing from all over the place in unconventional places.

Roddy White had a good game with some big catches allowing the Falcons to move the chains and kill the clock late in the game. Julio Jones also came up with some big plays. Actually all the wide receivers played good. Besides the main two receiver Harry Douglas made a few good catches and provided some key blocks.

The first quarter was one of the longest quarters I can remember ever watching. Mike Smith eluded to it during his post game interview.

Peyton tried to mount a comeback and the Falcons defense did seem to get a little tired being they were on the field so much it is understandable. The Broncos main problem was they couldn’t get the Falcons offense off the field. Matt Ryan was throwing passes all over the place. Mr dunk over the goal post Tony Gonzalez had some big catches including a touchdown.

It was a homecoming for one of my favorite players as Keith Brooking came back to the Georgia dome where he spent many years tackling people for the Falcons. As I watched the game I kept thinking to myself how we may have the two greatest Falcon linebackers on the field tonight as Sean Weatherspoon is quickly becoming a force on defense.

What was your favorite part of tonight’s game?