Giants vs Falcons

Vinny and Charlie at the Falcons Giiants game

October 15, 2006

The trip to Atlanta this time around found my team the Atlanta Falcons playing against the New York Giants. That means that my coworker Charlie had to use my extra ticket. He was nice enough to take me to the Meadowlands for the games that the Falcons played there over the last three years.

The best part of those games was that the Falcons won all three despite Michael Vick not playing in them. We beat the Giants using backup quarterbacks like Doug Johnson and Kurt Kittner. I know Falcon fans that is scary names from our past.

This time around I couldn’t get a hotel really close to the Georgia Dome as I usually do. It seems there was a convention for brain surgeons in the Georgia World Congress Center next door to the dome and it made getting a hotel room almost impossible. I was forced to get a room in the Holiday Inn Express a mile or so away. The rooms were nice but it was just a little bit further away from the dome than I liked.

The game was the worst part of the weekend as the Falcons played horrible and lost and I had to give up my window seat to Charlie as that was the bet. It seemed like we couldn’t cover anyone of their wide receivers and Tiki Barber ran all over the defense which spent most of the third quarter on the field. I was tired of watching them they were on the field so long. That is never a good thing for a defense.

The better part of the weekend was drinking a few beers at Houlihans at the airport after landing and getting the luggage. It is a good place if you have to meet someone at Hartsfield airport.

We also had a great dinner at Jock n Jills in the CNN Center the night before the game. The beers are always cold there and the Steak that Charlie had was huge. As you can tell I am not writing much about the game as there really was nothing that I liked except I got to see Norwood run the ball for the Falcons for the first time. He is going to be something special in the NFL.

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